Ken's list of services. If you are interested in one of them, please email him with the details.

Mixing & Audio Post-Production


Mixing & Audio Post-Production

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With Ken's mastering training, it also makes him very knowledgeable about the mixing process. He knows what mastering engineers are looking for, and if you want the right mix for the best possible outcome, he will do that for you.

Ken's experience with audio post-production makes him very adaptable to the project you need work done for. From editing sound design, to creating Foley, there is a need for a trained ear to help enhance your visual picture.

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Ken operates primarily on the widely-spread Avid's Pro Tools digital audio workstation but is also well versed with Apple's Logic Pro. His education in Music Production and Music & Audio Technology from two different colleges can attest to his passion to strive for perfection. The best outcome can only come if there is communication, so Ken encourages as much detail as possible.